April 17th & May 15th: Fly Fishing 101 Schools | OFF Fly Shop

April 17th & May 15th: Fly Fishing 101 Schools


Fly Fishing 101 School

Never fly fished before? Know someone who wants to learn? This is the perfect opportunity to learn from experienced instructors and guides who want nothing more then to expose more people to the wonderful sport of fly fishing. What better way to bring in the Spring season.

Our Fly Fishing 101 School starts off in a classroom setting where members will learn about the basics of:
 (rods, reels, line, leaders, tippet, & accessories)
-Knot Tying (what knot to use when & how to tie it)
-Entomology (identifying & imitating the most common insects)
-Casting (proper form & the mechanics of the cast)


For more information visit our Guiding site: http://bowrivercanada.com/fly-fishing-101-course/