Patagonia Ultralight River Crampons | OFF Fly Shop
  • Recycled plastic frame is flexible and lightweight for active wading
  • Hard-biting aluminum bars perform outstandingly well in almost all challenging wading conditions
  • Adjustable length adapts to any wading boot without tools
  • Durable materials won’t corrode in either fresh or salt water
  • Adjustable harness system allows the crampons to be removed easily for extended hiking
  • Crampons won’t damage boat interiors as long as you’re careful; much better than cleats
  • U.S. patent pending
  • 802 g (1 lb 12.3 oz)
$169.99 $239.00 X

Tagged: *sale boots, Studs & cleats

Vendor: Patagonia

Type: Footwear


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