Dubbing: Spirit River UV2 Seal-X Dub Dispenser | OFF Fly Shop

12 of the best colors in a clear plastic compartment box.

Spirit River leads the way in UV technology and Seal-X is one reason why.
This is a relatively coarse dubbing designed for larger stonefly, steelhead, streamer and saltwater patterns.

  • 100% multi spectrum dubbing for minnows, intruders, stone fly nymphs, buggers and leeches.
  • A mix of primary colors that have been enhanced with UV Fluorescence and UV Reflectance dyes.
  • Each dubbing will kick out a host of color spectrums.
  • Use a pearl or silver Mylar under base or even basic white thread which will bounce any light back out of the pattern at a different wavelengths.

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Tagged: Dispenser, Dub, Dubbing, Uv, Uv2

Vendor: Spirit River

Type: Fly Tying Materials


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