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GTS is an upgrade to our standard co polymer leader material that we have sold for years. A new resin coating facilitates better knot tying and superior UV protection making this material superior to the old standard. The new lubrication in the tippet material helps knots cinch down much tighter. GTS offers high tensile strength and stiffness to turn over your flies even in windy conditions. Triple Resin Processing retains its strength and suppleness even when knotted this is a unique process that fills in the spaces between the molecules with resin. As a result the line is moisture proof, very slick and resistant to shock and wear.


  • Improved resin coating
  • UV Protection in the core
  • Easy stretch and recovery


  • 30 meter spools
  • Colour Light Brown
$3.99 $9.99 X


Vendor: Dai-Riki

Type: Leader & Tippet


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