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Lefty Kreh, the undisputed father of modern American fly fishing, has taught several generations of anglers how to love the sport. Readers who enjoy a good fishing story will be delighted to find that his life has been an adventure from the start, even without the usual fish tales. He has fought in historic battles, traveled the globe, and dined with presidents. A strain of anthrax is named after him, and one of his fly designs has been commemorated on a U.S. postage stamp. A renowned outdoor writer and photographer, he is also a beloved husband and father.

In All the Best, another fly-fishing luminary, Flip Pallot, writes with admiration about the amazing Lefty Kreh. Pallot chronicles Lefty’s life from the early days in Frederick, Maryland, when his family struggled through the Great Depression, to his years in Miami as the director of the world’s most prestigious big-game fishing tournament, followed by his long career as an outdoor writer for the Baltimore Sun and a contributing editor for countless fly-fishing magazines.

A special section of color photographs, many taken by Lefty himself, presents some of his favorite fishing destinations around the world, along with his commentary about the people and places featured.

“All the Best” is how Lefty signs his letters to friends. This is a collection of all the best stories about one of the finest men in American sporting history.

“Lefty Kreh’s effect on the sport of fishing has been enormous during his lifetime. I consider him to be the best, and the most influential, sport fisherman in the last half of the twentieth century. . . .” -John Randolph, from the Foreword

“This is a happy book—a book written with love and profound gratitude to celebrate a man who has accomplished so much, befriended so many, and added to our small world of fly fishing a unique and enduring luster.” —Nick Lyons, from the Afterword
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