YETI Tundra 250
YETI Tundra 250
YETI Tundra 250
YETI Tundra 250
YETI Tundra 250
YETI Tundra 250

YETI Tundra 250

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If you regularly find yourself in the wilderness on long hunting or fishing trips, the Tundra® 250 commercial-grade cooler is your new best friend. It's ready to take on offshore beasts, like wahoo and amberjack. But if you'd rather hunt on solid ground, this cooler can also hold quartered moose, elk, or several deer. It's versatility and durability, all in one cooler.

Note: This Tundra cooler comes with one dry goods basket.

The Tundra 250 is perfect for offshore sport or commercial fishing. It’ll easily hold larger catches and the integrated tie-down slots keep the cooler in place. The UV-resistant polyethylene material won’t fade or crack from being in the sun all day. Or month. Or year. And the freezer-style gasket means your catch will stay fresh the whole trip. In this case, bigger is truly better — and more durable too.

    Extra-thick walls hold up 
    to two inches of insulation 
    for unmatched ice retention.


    Makes it armored to the core
    and virtually indestructible.


    Pressure-injected commercial-grade 
    polyurethane foam in the walls and lid 
    makes sure your ice stays ice.

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