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Echo Prime one-piece Fly Rods

The One-Piece Advantage: Echo Prime fly rods offer toughness, light weight, tight loops, and amazing change-of-direction casting performance. The Prime is still in stock now. 

Tough, light, one-Piece rods.

Echo Prime one-piece fly rods are revolutionizing the saltwater fly fishing game, but also turning heads in the freshwater market. These Prime rods deliver spot-on, wind penetrating fly presentations at any distance. We have fished several of the very first lot of these Echo rods; we found them to be noticeably light, strong, FAST, and excel in wind and change-of direction casting - we cast short, cast long, under-lined and over-lined the rods and in EVERY RESPECT, were very impressed. 

Echo PRIME Actions: Fast: fly rods are a little faster than the Echo 3 Saltwater rod series, and they are almost 20% lighter than the 4 piece rods. 

Getting your Echo PRIME to the water. The one-piece rods travel very well in SUVs and boats too; so local-waters transportation only requires a little forethought. 


ECHO Prime fly rod components and finish.

Prime Rod Shaft: twilight blue, slight different than the Echo3 Saltwater rods.

Primary thread wraps: Midnight Black

Thread tipping thread color: A fine sliver of stunning silver edging

Prime Reel Seats: Saltwater safe (Just give them a rinse now and then) metal reel seats are appropriately sized for hefty fly reels: the machined threads and locking rings are strong and secure.

Cork handles: the Echo Prime sports a full-wells grips crafted of high grade cork plus super-density rubber end cap for fish fighting comfort and overall handle durability.

11 wt. and 12 wt. rods are equipped with high-density rubber fore-grips to enhance lifting leverage and fish fighting capabilities

Tip top and snake guides: Titanium coated for durability and saltwater exposure.

Stripper guides : appropriately jumbo-sized titanium coated guide-frame with SIC (silicon carbide inserts) on the 3 lower guides. SIC has a hardness factor over twice that of Chrome and six times that of stainless steel.

Prime Rod Tube and interior sock: Triangle shaped, Cordura sheathed rod tube with a zipper top and foam padding in the top and bottom of the case. There are foam Stabilizing pads in the case. Please use these.

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