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The ECHO SPHERE fly lines are not about reinventing the wheel, just making it more affordable. These lines feature a supple braided core for less coiling and tangling, a super slick outer coating providing less friction to help shoot more line. High floating design for ease of line lift off, mending, and of course visibility. ECHO SPHERE lines also feature a small welded loop on the front end for quick leader changes. Available in three distinct tapers to meet any freshwater anglers needs. Presentation/Trout, Streamer/Nymph, Distance/Salmon.


  • Weight forward floating sizes WF8F to WF12F
  • Welded front loop for quick leader changes
  • Mega distance and line control from the extended head length and rear taper
  • Smooth turnover from a long front taper
  • Less coiling and tangling with supple braided core construction
  • Less casting friction from the super slick coating
  • High-vis bright yellow color
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