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Gehrke's Fly-Maker's Wax is now the World's leading selling fly tying wax. Each container is a screw up twist from the bottom container full to the bottom containing the best natural outdoor ingredients known to man. We invest over a week to obtain the purity delivered in each batch of Fly-Maker's Wax.

Fly-Maker's Wax is the finest dubbing wax in the Fly-Tying industry and sport. You have our famous GUARANTEE which for twenty years has protected our customers. Satisfaction IS guaranteed. The name is "GEHRKE" 
We don't market a product unless it is proven to be the world's best. That is the reputation we are noted for.

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Tagged: Dub wax, Gehrke, Wax

Vendor: Hook & Hackle

Type: Fly Tying Materials


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