Krystal Flash, Saltwater | OFF Fly Shop

A stiffer, more robust Krystal Flash, suitable for saltwater applications, that glows in the dark or in deep water. This product is comprised of flat, strong strands of reflective mylar that are twisted, giving the flash an intermittent ''scaly'' look. Krystal Flash will pick up light from any direction. Saltwater Krystal Flash can be used for a wide variety of saltwater fly tying applications; used on hundreds of patterns world-wide. 

  • Glows in the dark
  • Flat mylar strands
  • Intermittent "scaly" look
  • Picks up light from any direction
  • Appx. 150 strands per skein
  • Each skein is 14"long, zip tied in the center for easy keeping
$6.99 X

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