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Montana Fly Company's River Camo Clamp/Scissor Combo makes carrying separate forceps and nippers unnecessary for fly fishermen. More than just a hemostat, this thoughtful gadget features sharp scissor blades for cutting tippet and flat plier arms for debarbing hooks. Addtionally, the locking clamp, spring loaded design allows anglers to unlock and operate it with one hand. This fly fishing tool also features MFC's unique art finishes that showcase trout, river rock and more. The River Camo Clamp/Scissor is great looking while still performing the jobs of multiple fly fishing tools.
  • Locking spring loaded clamp
  • Sharp scissor blades
  • Flat plier arms
  • River camo art finish
  • 4.75"
$24.99 X

Tagged: Camo, Clamp, Mfc, Mitten

Vendor: MFC

Type: Accessories

SKU: 0-90-0710

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