Moana Kofe Hook Release Tool
Moana Kofe Hook Release Tool

Moana Kofe Hook Release Tool

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Designed by Moana Kofe to increase sustainable fishing and catch & release techniques, this hook release has been re-designed with the safety of the fish in mind.

Moana Kofe is the guide who pioneered fly fishing many years ago on Christmas Island. Over the years, he had come to understand the value of a sustainable sport fishery and the need to conserve this valuable resource by the careful release of fish caught by his clients.

Looking to find a method to release sport fish with a minimal amount of contact, he set about designing a simple yet effective tool carefully re-shaping a stainless steel commercial Longline Snap, (the type used in a fishery where millions of by-catch fish are killed and thrown back into the sea) Moana painstakingly crafted his release tool.

The Moana Hook Release is manufactured true to the original and represents a commitment to the conservation of our fisheries.


  • Redesigned to be safe on fish
  • Allows for minimal contact with fish
  • Easy to use


    S MKHR-F

  • Dimensions: 6"
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