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These density compensated lines have a more heavily weighted forward portion, to get the fly down more quickly and keep your line straighter as you retrieve, making it easier to hook fish when they take your fly. The DC 15 ft sink tip is the perfect line for getting your nymph or streamer down on most big western rivers like the Madison or Yellowstone. These lines are built with a balanced length of thick floating belly to eliminate any hinge during the casting stroke that so often occurs when fishing sink tip lines.

We stock these in two sink rates: The type 3 sinks quite rapidly but if you need it to go down really fast pick the type 6. Type 3 WF/4 - WF/8 Type 6 WF/6 - WF/9 Type 3 - WF/4 - WF/8 Type 6 - WF/6 - WF/9

$89.99 X

Tagged: Sink tip fly lines, Streamer lines

Vendor: Rio

Type: Fly Line


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