Spirit River UV2 Blood Drop Eggs

Spirit River UV2 Blood Drop Eggs

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Spirit River UV2 Fusion Blood Drop Egg Beads- These are deadly against steelhead and trout. Each bead is coated with strong UVR/UVF properties and then covered in a mottled color. Then, each bead is hand-dotted with a red dot that gives the bead a life-like. fertilized egg look. Use with yarn or melted to the hook shank individually or pegged on your leader. 

What is UV2 Technology?

It is a double dye process to give all of their UV2 materials and flies added UVF/UVR ultraviolet wavelengths. UV Florescence is used on everything from street signs to fly tying materials. UV Reflectance on the other hand is a spectrum of wavelengths humans cannot visually see; yet it is extremely common in the animal and insect world. UVR allows mayflies to find mates, and bees to find flowers. Fish can see it, and they love it. UV materials and flies are becoming much more popular within the fly-fishing world because of the success they bring while on the water.

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