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Picture this, it's a beautiful October afternoon, fish are rising steadily to blue wing olives, and you have just been broken off by a big brown. You quickly rebuild tippet and tie on a new size 18 sparkle dun. You dig around in your vest for your floatant and finally find it. You try to get some out, but because it is chilly, your "goop" has set up to the consistency of grape jelly. You give the bottle a squeeze and nothing comes out. You give it a few shakes and still nothing comes out. You bang it against your palm about fifty times and finally you get some goop to the nipple.

You know the story. That's why we designed the Cliff Hangerâ„¢. We needed an efficient way to hang a floatant bottle upside down so gravity always keeps your floatant available with just a squeeze. We've been asked why we continue to make them out of leather when synthetic materials would be cheaper. The answer is simple. We're from Wyoming, and experience has taught that things built to last (like good boots and saddles), ain't made of plastic.

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