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If you're not sure where the fish will be, dipping your finger in the water isn't going to help. The Umpqua Stream Thermometer, on the other hand, can tell you if the water is ready for a hatch, too cold for feeding, or right on the money. Did you even know that most trout won't feed in water colder than 50? Or that in warm water they stick to the riffles because the heat drives oxygen out of still water? Well, now you know a little bit, but you're still going to need the Umpqua Stream Thermometer to figure out where to find what you're fishing for.

  • Rugged aluminum case
  • Pocket clip and lanyard hole
  • Reads from 20 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit
$14.29 X


Vendor: Umpqua

Type: Accessories


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