Fly Fishing with Kids

Forming those core fly fishing memories with your little ones can be a blast. Our local friend, Amber Toner, paired up with and Redington for an article on "Quick Tips: Fishing with Kids."

You can read the full article here.

Quick Tips

Fly Fishing with Kids

Amber's Quick Tips:

  1. Pack Those Snacks - "Kids get hungry, and if you’re my kid -when you are hungry, you are hangry."
  2. Grab a Kid-Friendly Camera - "This is a great way to keep your kiddo engaged out on the river for the day."
  3. Bring Extra Clothes - "When you live in a climate like ours, you can experience four seasons in one day, so being prepared is essential."
  4. Let them Cast How They Want to - "Let him just get a feel for it, let him take his time understanding the motion of it. As he got older, I could introduce more techniques to help him, and that’s worked well for us."
  5. Drop Those Expectations - "Some days your kid might have a long day on the water in them; other days they might not. Learning when to call it if your kid is struggling is a really important thing for you and them."

To read more, check out Amber Toner's article here.

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