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Welcome and thanks for visiting Out Fly Fishing and e-commerce site.  Out Fly Fishing is Calgary's newest Fly Shop.  The shop was formerly known as West Winds Fly Shop and was purchased in May 2015. West Winds was Calgary's second oldest fly shop and has been in the same location for the last 24 years. We are very excited and feel very honored to be able to call a shop that has been an institution in this industry for the better part of three decades our new home.  Since May 2015, we've worked around the clock to renovate the shop, in order to bring it a fresh look and feel, to ensure that fly fishers of every age, gender and demographic can feel at home here.  We are passionate about getting more people involved in the sport, from families to fanatics and everyone in between, we're here to make your day O.F.F. the best experience possible.


    Our Promise to You

    Our Promise

    We are dedicated to making each and every customer feel welcome and important.  People need to come to a shop and get expertise without feeling pressured or intimidated.  No one starts as anything but a beginner, so whether its your first time in a fly shop, or the 15th country with a fly shop you've visited, we want you to get the expertise and information you need in the most professional and knowledgeable manner possible.  It doesn't matter to us if you fish everyday, or this is your first day going fishing, we want all of our guests to be able to rely on the accuracy and quality of the information and gear they get as well as the service they receive from us.  


    Core Values

    OFF Core Values

      • Customer satisfaction and service that exceeds expectations
      • Delivering accurate, current and knowledgeable expertise to people of all experience levels
      • Welcoming and friendly shop environment
      • Making fly fishing more accessible to men, woman and children of all ages and experience levels by providing quality gear no matter what budget you're working with
      • Making fly fishing less intimidating to men, woman and children of all ages and experience levels through professional instruction

    Who We Are

    Out Fly Fishing is a team of like minded individuals whose passion, experience, and integrity have fostered the desire to introduce as many people as possible to the sport of fly fishing. Between our owner and shop staff there are more than 40 different countries that have been visited fly fishing across the globe. Whether it be filming, hosted trips, or personal fishing exploits, they bring with them a wealth of fly fishing knowledge from around the world.  Being able to pass on first hand experience from fisheries in over 40 countries is something we are very excited and proud to be able to offer.  Out Fly Fishing is Calgary's newest fly shop and the second oldest fly shop in Calgary all in one. We're going to blaze a new path; one propelled by energy and enthusiasm, yet always based on integrity and tradition.  From families to fanatics, and everyone in between, Calgary's Fly Shop is here to make your next day O.F.F. as memorable as possible. 


    The Out Fly Fishing Team

    Josh Nugent (Owner/Guide)

    Josh learned to fly fish at the age of six. By the time he was in Junior High he was giving casting lessons to other kids from his school. After completing a coaching diploma and playing basketball for Red Deer College Josh moved to Calgary. Once again he was back on the Bow river. His passion and love of fly fishing are second to none. In 2003 Josh started Out Fly Fishing outfitters Ltd at the urging of others in the industry. Guiding put Josh through the rest of his undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Calgary. Josh did an eye tracking study for his Master's Thesis, which was on the visual characteristics of expert fly casters.  He has now had the privilege of fishing in 16 different countries and well over a hundred different species on the fly.

    Josh has been fortunate enough to be featured in many fly fishing publications, both as a writer and photographer as well as in The Canadian Fly Fishers,Top Guide Spotlight. He has also worked with several Fly Fishing shows such as two episodes with friend, and host of LL Bean's Guide to the Outdoors, Tim Rajeff and guiding Hunter Hoffler on In The Loop: Modern tactics on fly fishing. Josh has also served as one of the Co-Hosts for Fly Nation (Seasons 1 and 2) and the Spain Series. Josh also serves as a Pro Staff member for Clackacraft and spent 5 years as the Canadian Echo Rod rep.  When Josh started the guide company at the age of 21 it was a risk, knowing he wouldn't be afforded the mistakes competitors twice his age would.

    On a river as world renowned as the Bow river there is going to be competition in the industry. Competition is a great thing, because competition forces Outfitters and guides to work harder and strive to provide the best service possible for their clients and now he continues to do the same thing with the Fly Shop and its customers.  Josh wants Out Fly Fishing outfitters to be a shop that every man, woman or child of any age or experience can come into and feel like they belong there, from families to fanatics and everyone in between.

    Andrew Tooes (Fly Shop Staff) 

    Calgary's Fly Shop Manager: Andrew Tooes

    Andrew has a wealth of knowledge in retail, supply chain, management and operational tactics. He is a husband to an amazing better half and a father to three wildly adventurous kids. Andrew’s been passionate about fly fishing for going on twenty years and his favorite method is still water fishing, but he also loves a good day of streamer fishing on the Bow River or dry fly fishing our eastern slopes.

    Andrew has extensively fished the Golden Valley in British Columbia for more than fifteen years now and enjoys a great weekend getaway into the mountains with friends and family. He has always enjoyed chironomid fishing in early spring and has some great intuition for all things involving Stillwater fly fishing. In Andrew's eyes, fly fishing is a great way for him to ground himself with nature which is a big reason why so many of us fly fish. Come in and pick his brain on local still water tactics and surrounding Stillwater opportunities as well as the latest gear and equipment.

    Tyler Smith (Fly Shop Staff)

    Out Fly Fishing Staff Tyler Smith


    Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Ty joined us back in 2015 as a 12 year old we had sweeping floors to pay off a vice he had us order him.  Ty learned to Ty flies while he was in a petri cast as a 7 year old and started his own little entrepreneurial pursuit selling hand tied Christmas Tree flies to shops in town.  Ty went to elementary school just down the street from West Winds and used to come spend all his lunch money on fly tying materials instead. 

    We got to know Ty and his story and actually did a documentary back in 2016 that screened in the International Fly Fishing Film Festival about his amazing story and journey.  Ty represented Canada at ASFI Symposium (Atlantic Salmon Fly Tiers International) as a 14yr old , where the average age in the room was older than his grandparents.  Ty had been teaching our Fly Tying night lessons as a 13 year old and is an extremely patient teacher that is great with everyone from beginners to the best Atlantic Salmon fly tiers you'll find anywhere in the world. After moving out east for a while he rejoined us again in the Winter of 2022/2023. We're very excited to have Ty Guy back with us!  He's been teaching Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Lessons again for as as he's an extremely accomplished caster, just like his fly tying.  He loves fishing small creeks and the Bow, but after his trip up to Cree Lake this year, he's also become obsessed with pike and grayling. 

    Kaith Palmaria (Social Media & Marketing Coordinator)

    Out Fly Fishing Staff Social Media Manager Kaith Palmaria

    Kaith is a born and raised Calgarian. She discovered fly fishing during the pandemic when she was looking for ways to spend more time in the mountains. As a Registered Nurse, she sought mindfulness and tranquillity during the chaos of working in healthcare. Fly fishing quickly became her passion, and she now loves exploring backcountry streams and lakes all over the country and beyond.
    To connect with like-minded women, Kaith joined the Calgary Women Fly Fishers Club and eventually became the Communications Director, managing the club's social media accounts. Her goal is to inspire more women to pursue their love of fly fishing. Her hard work and dedication paid off when she was selected for the Canadian Women's National Fly Fishing Team for 2024 & 2025. She will represent Canada in Idaho in Fall of 2025 and we couldn't be happier or more proud of her for all she has accomplished in such a short time. The sky is the limit for Kaith!   

    Akasha Bopp (Hosted Travel Manager & Guide)

    Akasha Bopp Travel manager at Out Fly Fishing Outfitters Fly Shop

    In 2016 Akasha was named our Hosted Travel manager and we couldn't be happier to have him help coordinating our hosted travel. Akasha has chased fished all across Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia and all across Canada, but is also a very well traveled fisherman.  Akasha Bopp has fished in every continent except Antartica and in two dozen different countries.  Akasha joined Out Fly Fishing Outfitters back in 2006. In 2003 Akasha and Josh coached club basketball together and have been fishing together since. Akasha worked as a high school social studies teacher for 18 years. He completed his Masters in Organizational Leadership Training and now works as a consultant in community and economic development. Akasha has been learning and helping others learn about fly fishing for over twenty years. He cut his teeth fly fishing on the many small streams in southern Alberta while growing up in Pincher Creek. Akasha also happens to be a long standing Echo Pro Staff team member.

    Akasha specializes in helping beginners enjoy the sport of fly fishing that he loves so much.  Although he enjoys fishing the Bow, his true love is the waters in the deep south of Alberta like the Crowsnest, the Livingston, and the Oldman along with the many other smaller tributaries in the area. Akasha’s local knowledge and connections give him access to areas most of us can only dream about. 

    Steve Luethi (Guide, Travel Host & Shop Ambassador)


    Steve has been a long time friend of Out Fly Fishing.  He was once a client, he took the first ever guide school we offered years ago, he's been on numerous Hosted Trips around the world with us, having fished in 6 different countries with us as and now hosts some of our trips such as the Cree Lake & Fortress Lake trips. 

    Steve has done countless tying demos for us at the shop and is one of the most innovative and talented fly tiers we’ve come across or had the pleasure to work with.  He redefines the term “giant” fly and ties some of the most incredible big articulated flies you’ll ever lay your eyes on.  His understanding of fish behavior, baitfish mannerisms, and how different materials will react in the water make his flies not only incredible to look at, but just deadly in the water. Steve is also an extremely talented and accomplished photographer, that does many shoots across the country and world with the Out Fly Fishing team. If you've seen our website or Instagram account, you've probably seen many of Steve's photos.  His eye and talent as a photographer are exceptional and we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have his help and assistance as often as we do. The man also knows his way around a fly rod and can chuck string with the best of sticks out there.  His ability to cast big flies on big rods is something that really sets him apart as a traveling angler and guide.

    If you've stepped foot inside our shop, you've also seen Steve's handy work first hand.  A welder by trade, there's not many things Steve can't build or do and was absolutely invaluable throughout our shop renovation and expansion.  The shop renovation would not have been possible without all the assistance Steve gave and we're eternally in his debt for it.

    Steve took our first ever guide school and when you combined his skill set and personality with the work ethic and fish sense he has it was clear he was an absolutely natural fit for guiding.  Many seasons later, Steve is a welcome face for many guests that look forward to spending a day on the water, learning laughing and making each day the best it can be.  Steve is from the Central Alberta area and although he spends as much time on the Bow as he can, still loves chasing trout around on his stomping grounds north of Calgary.  His knowledge of the Red Deer River drainage is exceptional.


    Naoto Aoki (Head Guide & Shop Ambassador)

    Out Fly Fishing was proud to announce the addition of Naoto Aoki, joining us back in the 2010 guiding season. Naoto Aoki was born in Banff, Alberta where he began fly fishing at a very early age, although he spent most of his life in Peterborough, Ontario. With fly fishing as his main focus, he has traveled the globe, pursuing some of the greatest game fish the world has to offer. From Peacock Bass deep in the Amazon to Atlantic Salmon in the pristine rivers of Iceland, there is not too much Naoto has not caught on a fly. 

    Naoto is also an outdoor writer and photographer and is regularly featured in such magazines as Fly Fisherman, The Canadian Fly Fisher, Fly Fusion and Outdoor Canada. He is also a co-host of Fly Max Films and both Seasons 1 and 2 of the show Fly Nation TV. Naoto has guided all over Canada and is extremely excited to add the world famous Bow River to his list! He has spent countless hours on the river and can't wait to start guiding the Bow. Naoto is as gifted with people as he is with a fly rod or a camera so he is a valuable part of the Out Fly Fishing team.

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