Fly Tying 301 Course

Fly Tying 301 Course

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Our Fly Tying 301 course is the next progression in our instructional tying courses.  This course is done in our dedicated classroom and with a smaller group sizes then our Fly Tying 101 or 201 classes so that participants can get more individual feedback and attention from the instructors. 

Learn the basics of more advanced techniques and how to continuously perfect these skills with this 3hr class. Class includes hands-on instruction covering specific topics or techniques such as:

  • Spinning Deer Hair
  • Stacking Deer Hair
  • Tying Dry Flies & Working with Hackle
  • Tying Articulated Streamers
  • Working with different UV Cures, glues & epoxy
  • Tying Classic Atlantic Salmon & Steelhead Patterns

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