Golden Trout Hike In

The Holy Grail of freshwater fly fishing. These extremely rare and exotic trout are only available in a few select locations in all of Canada, and Alberta’s Rocky Mountains are home to all of them. Introduced to Alberta in 1959, Golden Trout reside in high elevation Mountain lakes where helicopters are the norm for access. As an alternative to the costly helicopter trips we offer hike in trips to a select few of the South Western lakes that are accessible by hiking trails. The hike is steep at times, but the view and the prize at the end make every step of the way worth it. The hike will offer you photo opportunities that make you wonder whether it’s the scenery or the trek that is taking your breath away.

The brilliant golden sides and bright crimson stripe are unmatched in both uniqueness and beauty. While casting small wet and dry flies to these gorgeous trout you will find yourself literally in the heart of Alberta’s rugged Rocky Mountains. As you watch small pods of golden trout cruise the shoals and drop offs there is an air of excitement. Leading the fish as you deliver your cast and present them the fly you’ll find yourself holding your breath in anticipation of a take. The privilege of holding and releasing one of these cherished fish will have an impact unlike that of most freshwater experiences. Releasing and watching your first golden trout swim away you’ll stand in awe, and for a brief moment all the stress of work and the city will seem trivial.

Anyone interested in chasing golden trout needs to be prepared for what they can expect. You can expect to see a lot of fish activity, however unlike many trout in high mountain alpine lakes that are eager to eat anything they can feast their eyes on, golden trout can be very discerning and difficult to catch. With golden trout expect to get short strikes and fish that hit, yet somehow find a way to avoid being hooked far too often. One unique advantage the hike in lakes offer anglers is the opportunity to pursue some of the larger golden trout we have left here in Alberta. Fish up to 16” have been landed in some of the lakes and much larger fish have still been seen and cast to.

The prospect of catching these magnificent fish keeps fishermen coming back year after year. The season is a short one at these high elevations so anglers need to act quickly as trips can book up rapidly.

Price: $800

Included in the rate is: equipment, lunch, non-alcoholic drinks, and snacks for 1 or 2 people.  As an option on walk and wade trips an additional angler can be added for $175.  The only costs not included are your fishing license, tax (5% GST), and guide gratuities which are customary.

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