Bull Trout Adventure

Join us in chasing the large and predacious Bull Trout, Alberta’s Provincial fish. There’s nothing quite like tackling freshwater fish, in fast current situations that are better weighed in pounds then inches! Bull trout can be as aggressive and carnivorous as any freshwater fish you will ever find. Countless times people report instances where Bull Trout willingly beached themselves in an attempt to try and steal a hooked cutthroat from a fishermen’s line.

Guided Bull Trout trips are an unforgettable experience – big fish and beautiful scenery. The terrain these truly beautiful fish call home, include some of the most breathtaking and incredible landscapes North America has to offer. Cast, strip, and swing big streamers that will trigger a predatory instinct like few others you can find in freshwater fly fishing. Bull Trout are a fish that if you haven’t caught one yet, you need to let us help you. Even if you have caught bullies in the past, we’ll do everything possible to create an incredible experience you won’t soon forget.

Both Walk and Wade and Float Trip packages are available for our Bull Trout Adventures. By booking the Bull Trout adventure you then have the ability to choose which package you want. We also offer a wide and colorful selection of Bull Trout Flies, don’t forget to ask us about any of your Bull Trout Fly needs.

Price: $750

*All walk & wade rates are for the cost of the guide for the day.*

Included in the rate is: all equipment, lunch, non-alcoholic drinks, and snacks for 1 or 2 people.  As an option on walk and wade trips an additional angler can be added for $175.  The only costs not included are the tax (5% GST), your fishing license, and guide gratuities which are customary.

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