February 21-28, 2026

We couldn’t be more pleased to be working with, and to be the Canadian booking agent for Golden Fly Fishing. Golden Fly Fishing (GFF) is a family business, born on the banks of the Parana River in Argentina. Their dream is to share the adventure of fly-fishing for Golden Dorado and many other species in the Parana River. They share their experiences and knowledge that they’ve acquired over the years, while providing the most unique, professional and personalized service. Guests stay in their custom lodge and will be delighted with the fine regional cuisine and dishes of Italian ancestry, accompanied with wines from Argentina.

Their mission is to provide a superior destination fly-fishing experience. We’ve fished with them and had the golden fly fishing experience, we’re confident you will not be disappointed.

Getting There

We fly into Buenos Aires International Airport, and from there our Domestic Flights and ground transportation are taken care of. The Domestic Airport is across town from the International Airport we arrive at, and from there we fly to Corrientes where a delegate from Golden Fly Fishing will be waiting to take us to the Lodge. Its about an hours drive from the Airport in Corrientes to Golden Fly Fishing's Lodge.


Located in Paso de la Patria, Golden Fly Fishing is on the banks of the Upper Parana River, about an hour from Corrientes

Golden Fly Fishing Lodge

Our luxurious headquarters while fishing the Upper Para River

The Accommodations

Golden Fly Fishing is located in the river town of Paso de la Patria – Corrientes. receives its guests in an environment of absolute privacy and warmth. The lodge is a colonial – rural style house, placed at only 50 meters from the river with an excellent view, surrounded by a park with great variety of adult and regional trees where families of Carayá (Howler) monkeys like to frequent in the mornings. A range of more than 20 species of birds give music and paint with colors the quiet late afternoons.

Golden Lodge has a capacity for 8 people. Rooms are fully equipped, with air conditioning, roof ventilator and box spring beds of high quality, private bathrooms (in suite) with hot water.

The kitchen and dining room are totally equipped with refrigerator, microwave and electrical coffee pot. There is a fireplace and a bar in the living room where our guests are able to enjoy listening to music, reading some book or magazine, and of course having different drinks, chatting with friends and the guides about the great fishing journey they have had.

A generous gallery surrounds the house, provided with a special place for Argentinean barbecues.  Guests stay in their custom lodge and will be delighted with the fine regional cuisine and dishes of Italian ancestry, accompanied with wines from Argentina.

The Culinary Experience

Golden Fly fishing offers first class meals. Their international chef develop the finest tastes using premium quality ingredients and local flavours.

The Fishing

Just east of Corrientes Argentina, above the confluence of the Paraguay River is the Upper Paraná River. Here the Paraná is tail water and its clear waters have yet to be tainted by the silt filled Paraguay River. This section of river is some of the finest Dorado fishing in the world. Its extreme dimensions make us feel it is unapproachable, making it only fishable by skiffs with casting platforms. You will typically drift through clear water near the banks casting to logs, rock and vegetation at a distance of 50 to 80 feet.

Each fishing day invites you to the enchantment of peace and the deafening sound of the river in its course, interrupted only by birdsong, the howling of some monkeys, the occasional caiman sunning on the banks, and salmon leaps, which increases our anticipation showing the underwater activity, extolling the fly fishing adventure to the best of its golden splendor.

You will have the opportunity to challenge the three most coveted and voracious species of the Upper Parana river. You will go after the Golden Dorado, a.k.a. The Tiger of the River, and you’ll be on the lookout of the salmon river Pira Pita, and the tough Pacu. These 3 species will demand skills, precision and wisdom in the art of fly fishing.  On top of this GFF offers endless dry fly opportunities for many other small but exciting species that crush small well placed hoppers like its their last meal on the planet!  They’re the perfect fit for the mid day, high sun blues that make for difficult dorado conditions.

There are also the Ibera wetlands, are a crystal clear wetland with unspoiled landscapes, considered one of the largest and richest in biological diversity of our planet. And you will also live the full Golden Fly Fishing experience, fishing one of the world’s longest rivers, in the clear waters of the Upper Parana river. This program is for the discerning gold seekers, for those fishermen and women that, will fly thousands miles, for the precious Argentine Golden Dorado and complete an incredible adventure in a natural and singular paradise.

Trip Price: $5250 USD

email: travel@CalgarysFlyShop.com for more info

What’s included:

-7 Nights Accommodations
-6 days guiding (All meals and beverages. Limited choice of spirits & mixers)
-Round trip Domestic airfare from Bueno’s Aires to Corrientes Airport (near Lodge)
-All transportation from Corrientes Domestic airport city to the Lodge.

Not Included in the Price:
-Airfare to Buenos Aires International
-Guide & lodge staff Gratuities
-Trip & Travel Insurance
-Laundry Services
-Fly Fishing equipment
-Tourism Reciprocity Fee (must be done before traveling)

Next Hosted Trip Date:

March 2nd - 9th, 2024

Please contact us for more details about this incredible trip, or if you'd like to visit Golden Fly Fishing on your own on your next trip to Argentina.

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