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In the remote regions of Colombia lies a hidden gem like that most anglers could only dream of. Deep in the jungles of Colombia, on the banks of the Vichada River lies Tucunare Lodge. A simple and rustic lodge far from roads and urbanization, but in the middle of a mecca for fishing. The Vichada river is a tributary of the Orinoco River. The area has been protected by the indigenous communities ensuring the quality of the fishery.

Tucunare Lodge, Colombia. Orinoco River

The giant, colorful and exceptionally powerful peacocks that call the lagoons of the Vichada home will blow your mind. They ambush streamers around structure in a violent and aggressive way that is only outdone by the way they attack surface poppers. Tucunare Lodge has 4 different species of peacocks and has produced absolute giant peacock bass in excessive of 25 pounds, which are truly remarkable fish.

Tucunare Lodge, Colombia Peacock Bass on Poppers

As if a peacock bass fishery this incredible wasn't enough, Tucunare Lodge also offers opportunities to fish for the exotic and terrifying looking Payara, commonly called Vampire Fish. These fish are unlike any other fish we’ve ever targeted.  With giant fangs designed to puncture the air bladders of the fish they prey on, they really are an apex predator in one of the craziest fisheries on the planet. Their giant fangs actually have recessed holes in their skull to slide up into! They hold and feast on prey in some of the heaviest and fastest rapids you could imagine.  Wire is a must with the ultra sharp and aggressive teeth on these predatory fish and with the type type of water they hold in they're pure muscle.  Hanging onto these fish in the heavy rapids is pure madness!

Tucunare Lodge Peacock Bass and Vampire Fish Hosted Trip


Tucunare Lodge, Colombia Peacock Bass Hosted Trip


Our cabins are located in a strategic place on the banks of the Vichada River, they have many of the comforts of a hotel room, but in the middle of the jungle. The bathroom has  a sink with running water, a simple shower, toilet, fan, beds with bug nets and with clean linen every day, as well as a table to work on. 

Having the advantage of lodging near the lagoons of the Vichada River with all the comforts of a hotel, differentiates us from other operators in Colombia, that is why we can provide a fishing from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm and part of the night, in addition to being in places with less fishing pressure. 

You get out of bed and you can go fishing!

Tucunare Lodge, Colombia. Rio Vichada


The Vichada River is one of the few rivers that have not been explored in Colombia for sport fishing and the Pavón or Tucunare, are monstrous over 26 pounds that have been caught here.

TUCUNARE LODGE has reached an agreement with the indigenous communities of the SIKUANI ethnic group in the area and special permits have been granted to operate in the river and lagoons that have never been fished before. We will host groups with a maximum of 8 fishermen per week for this very reason the area is kept as intact as possible.

We have designed a 7-day fishing trip with 5 days of fishing for giant Pavón or Tucunare and other species in the Vichada River in its many lagoons, followed by 2 full days of fishing in the famous Orinoco River in the Raudales del Muerto sector, there you can catch large Payaras / Vampire Fish, Royal Sardinata / Gold Fish, Catfish and other species.



Tucunare Lodge, Colombia. Peacock Bass Hosted Trip


- Transportation from El Dorado Airport in Bogotá to the Hotel.
- Hotel in Bogotá the night before the trip.
- Transportation from the Hotel to the Airport to take the flight to Puerto Inírida.
- Air transportation between Bogotá and Puerto Inírida (Guainía)
- Lunch with jungle dishes in Puerto Inírida.
- Transportation to and from the Tucunare Lodge.
- Accommodation at the Tucunare lodge.
- Three daily meals and snacks.
- Seven full days of fishing with a guide and eight nights at the Tucunare Lodge.
- Cold drinks, mainly plain water, sodas and some beers. 
- Laundry service.   
- Satellite Internet. 


- International flights to Bogotá.
- Airport taxes and fees.
- Additional hotel nights in Inírida or Bogotá.
- Additional activities in Bogotá.
- Alcoholic drinks.
- Gratuities for guides, camp staff or hotels.
- Toiletry items.
- Remedies or equipment for personal use
- Global Rescue Service - Insurance.
- AUNAP fishing permit card



Our complete fishing package is composed of 7 full days of fishing and eight nights of accommodation at our Tucunare Lodge. 

 Tucunare Lodge, Colombia. Rio Vichada

A 7 day fishing trip will look like this:

  • Day 1: Arrival in the city of Bogotá and transfer to the hotel.
  • Day 2: Flight from Bogotá to Puerto Inírida and transfer by boat to the facilities of TUCUNARE LODGE on the Vichada river, COLOMBIA. "Flight departure time / 6:15 am", customers have to check in at 4:45 am. Arrival in Puerto Inírida at 8:36 am (IF WE DO NOT HAVE SCHEDULE CHANGES BY THE AIRLINE) Departure by speedboat for a journey of 189kms through which we will pass 5 rivers and they will have the pleasure of navigating the famous eastern river star, made up of the rivers Inirida, Guaviare, Atabapo and the majestic river Orinoco. This trip lasts from 3 to 4 hours depending on the conditions of the river. 
  • Day 3 to 7: Five full days of fishing in the Vichada River. 
  • Day 8 and 9: Two full days of fishing in the Orinoco River.
  • Day 10: Return to Puerto Inírida and travel back to Bogotá

 Tucunare Lodge, Colombia. Peacock Bass Streamers

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