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Top 10 Stoneflies

Grab em' while you can!

Our Top 10 Stoneflies

One of our favorite times of the year is coming up! Here is our list of our Top 10 Stoneflies at the shop.

1. Pavlovich's Yellowstoner Chubby

Furry Foam stone that sits low in the water, floats like a cork and is easy to see! Available in many colors from Golden stone, skwala, peach and even cutthroat trout colors like red & purple.

2. Double Stack Chubby Chernobyl

A great floater with lots of vis. The ultimate hopper/dropper dry fly. The dubbed body under the foam makes for a realistic imitation of your favourite stonefly.

3. Fool's Gold Stonefly

New for 2023 this MFC Stonelfy Pattern floats like a cork, is extremely visible and has an incredible stonefly profile. Addressing the issue that makes many stonefly patterns hard to cast, this pattern has a full enough wing, without being overdressed, so its easier to cast and makes less messes out of leaders.

4. Super Chernobyl

One of the most popular foam patterns ever tied. Imitates stoneflies, hoppers, terrestrials as well as being one of the best all time attractor patterns. A must have in every fly box, for virtually any trout species.

5. Morrish's Still Golden Stone

"These patterns have highly accurate profiles, great specific density, realistic jointed rubber legs and are darker and more realistically colored than most commercial patterns. Also note the slim head profile on the Salmonfly and the bulkier head profile of the Golden, both of which are key. They also have realistic segmented bodies and high-vis locator patches. Just put it where it needs to be and maybe wiggle it once or twice.” - Signature Tyer Ken Morrish

6. Dirty Hipster Golden Stone

Catch Fly Fishing Stonefly pattern. Great jighead stonefly pattern that will sink quickly. Fish this pattern under an indicator or hopper dropper style on a dead drift, or by euronymphing.

7. Jimi Legs Stonefly Nymph

Jimi legs, Pat's Stone, Flexi-girdle bug, this fly goes by many names but the one thing that remains consistent is that it catches fish!

8. Jigged Flexi Stone

Balanced Stonefly pattern that's a variation of the popular jimi legs or Pat's Stonefly.

9. AJ's Bird Turd

Stonefly pattern that's got lots of lifelike movement and is super buggy.

10. Double Tungsten Rubber

Great Stonefly Nymph for those deeper wholes or run off condition where you want to get that stonefly down quickly in faster water .

You can order these flies online (click on the name or image of the fly), or head into the shop to chat with our staff. 

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