Practice Your
Cast Indoors

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How to
Double Haul

Add distance to your fly cast

Want to Learn How to Double Haul?

Winter is the perfect season to dial in your casting technique. Better casting = better presentation = more fish. 

Our pal Tim Rajeff, co-founder and lead rod designer for ECHO, has some great tips and tricks for you to learn and improve your double haul. By adding line speed and putting that necessary bend in your rod, you'll be able to reach distances to catch more fish.

  1. Take your rod out to a parking lot or to a field and practice casting.  
  2. Try to make your forward haul cast and back haul cast even in length. Often times, people have a shorter back haul than a forward haul (try to have your fly line hit your chest on the back haul).
  3. While touching your hands together helps when you're learning timing, you'll want to work towards moving away from that to avoid getting tangled around your reel. Instead, pick the midsection of your body, and keep your haul hand to the side of it during the haul. For a better visual, check out the video above at 2:05 to see Tim's demonstration. 
  4. To have control with your double haul, avoid completely letting go of the line. Instead, keep your double haul cast and delivery to the side, funnel your fly line through a channel made when you touch the tips of your pointer finger and thumb of your haul hand together, and pinch the line to stop your cast. 
  5. Get your elbow involved in the haul (fast forward to 3:25 of Tim's video above to see his demonstration). Use your haul arm's elbow to snap the cast through.  

Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you can't practice your fly cast.

Micro Practice Rod & Double Haul Extension Kit

Practice makes perfect and one of our favourite tools at the shop to teach anglers how to cast is the ECHO Micro Practice Rod. The Double Haul Kit allows you to get your hauls dialed before you hit the water. Double Haul Kit and MPR sold separately.

If you need more hands-on learning, we also offer casting lessons: 

We hope this helps! 

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