March 6-13 Zapata Live a Board Exploratory Trip

So I was lucky enough to be asked to accompany my friend Rich, from Slipstream Angling, on a hosted trip to a new part of Zapata, previously unexplored.  The guides had never even fished the area before and it's always fun exploring new areas.  That's probably what I miss most at home, is having the time to explore.

More bonefish around than you could count and lots of juvenile tarpon in the mangrove channels.  There was an incredible amount of wind all week, unfortunately, which made the permit hard to see.  Jerry landed a permit the first day, without as much wind, but the permit were next to impossible to spot with the wind.  Whitecaps on the flats aren't what you would typically wish for but with the group we had, it was impossible not to enjoy the week.