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Don't Forget To Mend

It's the end of January, and that time of year when nymphing is one of the most effective approaches to catching fish on the Bow. Fish are stacked in winter water and will feed opportunistically if nearby food requires low energy output. Successful Bow River anglers know two things about fishing this river in winter: You don't leave fish to find fish, and presentation is paramount.

Because we don't see our nymphs move through the water column, it's easy to forget about the difference between a drift and a drag. But just as you would mend your cast on a dry fly, so too you should do as you're nymphing. I read this excellent breakdown on the basics of mending by David Decker on the Echo blog last year, but now it's time to share it. I've been talking with a few anglers who have been struggling to catch fish while the next guy down the run is cleaning up. We should listen to Decker as he reminds us that "whatever the tip does during or after the cast will affect the line after it lands on the water". So, click here for David Decker's post on the Echo Blog, and don't forget to mend!