Josh Nugent: Fly Shop Owner

Join us every Sunday for our 'Meet the Staff' Series

When did you start fly fishing? When I was 6 years-old.  

What or who got you started? My dad and my uncle. I watched them fishing on Sheep River when I was using a spin reel. Thought to myself, “that’s cooler than that I’m doing, I want to try that.” 

Favourite place in Alberta to fish? The pond at the Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery. 

What’s your favourite fish to target? Alberta = Pike. Internationally = Rooster Fish or Tarpon.

If you could fish anywhere on the planet for a week (and money was no object) where would you go fishing and why? Seychelles, because of how remote and the crazy fishing is (Bump Head Parrot, Napoleon Wrasse, GT, Milk Fish). 

Top 3 fish on your bucket list? Salt Water = Bump Head Parrot, Napoleon Wrasse, Milk Fish. Fresh Water = Arapaima, Arctic Char, Surubi.

What’s your Top 5 Go To Flies on the Bow? Pavlovich Yellow Stoner, Black & Tan Chubby Chernobyl, Fool’s Gold Stonefly, Double Duck Caddis CDC, Galloup's TA Bunker in Brown Trout Colour.

Go To 5 Weight Rod? Helios 3D and T&T Avantt 

Favourite Fly Line? Trout = Scientific Angler's Infinity. Pike = Titan Long. Salt Water = Rio Clear Tip Floater.

Would You Rather: Strip a Streamer or Swing a Streamer? Strip with a single-hand rod and swing with spey rod.  

Would You Rather: Dead Drift a Dry Fly or Skate a Dry Fly? Dead drift except with golden stones.

Most Embarrassing Fishing Story? First day I ever tried fly fishing, I was trying to walk this little ledge on a canyon wall. The further I went, the narrower the ledge got until there wasn’t enough ledge left. I was stuck to the canyon wall like spiderman. I was losing my balance on the ledge and the rocks under my feet were falling into a fast rapid. I called for help and my uncle dropped his rod and came running across the river to come help. At the same time, my dad ran to get the camera. That’s when I knew where I stood.