Kaith Palmaria: Social Media & Marketing Coordinator

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When did you start fly fishing? 2020.

What or who got you started? As a Registered Nurse working in the midst of the pandemic I took fly fishing lessons through the University of Calgary, became immediately obsessed, and joined the Calgary Women Fly Fishers Club. 

Favourite place in Alberta to fish? Alpine streams and springs along the Great Divide Trail. 

What’s your favourite fish to target? Brook Trout. 

If you could fish anywhere on the planet for a week (and money was no object) where would you go fishing and why? I would canoe and camp along the entire stretch of the Grand Cascapedia River in Quebec to fish every pool. It’s incredibly beautiful there and I need to catch an Atlantic Salmon before I die. 

Top 3 fish on your bucket list? Atlantic Salmon, Golden Dorado, Steelhead

What’s your Top 5 Go To Flies on the Bow? Red Wire Worm (I have no shame), Jig Head Micro Leech, CDC Orange BH Pheasant Tail, TB Peeping Caddis, and Donkey Kong Hopper.

Go To 5 Weight Rod? T&T Avantt.

Favourite Fly Line? Rio Aqualux. 

Would You Rather: Strip a Streamer or Swing a Streamer? Strip!

Would You Rather: Dead Drift a Dry Fly or Skate a Dry Fly? Dead drift.

Most Embarrassing Fishing Story? My friend Sam caught a toad of a cutty and I was running over to try and help her net the fish. I slipped on a rock, fell on my rod, dented my reel, and repeated that a couple of times while filling my waders. By the time I got to her, she had already netted and released the fish.