Naoto Aoki: Head Guide

Join us every Sunday for our 'Meet the Staff' Series

When did you start fly fishing? I started fly fishing around 8 and immediately fell in love with it. 

What or who got you started? We had an old fly rod at our cottage in Ontario - all I could wrangle up were a handful of bluegill, but it was pretty awesome at the time!

Favourite place in Alberta to fish? How can you beat the Bow. I love alpine lakes as well. 

What’s your favourite fish to target? I don’t think I could ever narrow it down - there’s so many incredible fish in this world but my first fish was a brook trout - I’ll always have a soft spot for them. 

If you could fish anywhere on the planet for a week (and money was no object) where would you go fishing and why? I’d probably go back to the arctic. It has such an untouched feeling about it and huge arctic char are pretty neat. 

Top 3 fish on your bucket list? Goliath Grouper, double digit Brookie, 40-pound Pike.

What’s your Top 5 Go To Flies on the Bow? Ha. Nice try. It’s gotta float tho!

Go To 5 Weight Rod? Orvis Helios

Favourite Fly Line? SA Amplitude DT

Would You Rather: Strip a Streamer or Swing a Streamer? Slow strip and swing, all day long. 

Would You Rather: Dead Drift a Dry Fly or Skate a Dry Fly? Dead drift.

Most Embarrassing Fishing Story? I have never ever fallen in the river ever, so that’s good. I’ve also never had a fish rip Josh’s Helios out of my hand either.