Merkin Strong Arm

Merkin Strong Arm

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Veverka's Captain Crabby, is a highly realistic crab pattern designed for the discerning saltwater fly angler. This fly draws on the extensive knowledge and expertise of renowned tier Bob Veverka, delivering a fly that expertly mimics the look and behavior of a small crab. Ideal for flats fishing, the Captain Crabby's size and silhouette make it perfect for targeting species like bonefish, permit, and redfish that prey on crustaceans.

The size 4 hook is optimally chosen to offer a balance between visibility to fish and ease of casting, making it suitable for a variety of conditions and target species. The detailed tying technique results in a fly that not only looks like a real crab but also moves like one in the water, thanks to its balanced weight and strategically placed materials that mimic the natural defensive posture of crabs. With its realistic appearance and enticing movement, Veverka's Captain Crabby is a must-have in the fly box of any angler aiming to outsmart wary, crustacean-feeding game fish in shallow saltwater environments.

Size: #2

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