Rainy's Georgia Bullfrawg Fly

Rainy's Georgia Bullfrawg Fly

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Rainy's Flies frog pattern

If you want to chase pike or bass with flies, you need Rainy's® Riendeau's Georgia Bullfrawg Fly! The perfect frog pattern for heavy thick weed beds, this fly boasts a wire weed-guard so you don't get snagged when fishing the lily pads or bull rushes! A sealed foam body ensures exceptional floatation as well as the durability, it needs to stand up to pike punishment! Rubber legs add a ton of fish-enticing action, so tie the Rainy's Riendeau's Georgia Bullfrawg Fly and get ready!

  • Weedguard makes it perfect for fishing thick cover
  • Sealed foam body for durability and buoyancy
  • Sili legs add fish-attracting action

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