Sage R8 Spey Fly Rod
Sage R8 Spey Fly Rod
Sage R8 Spey Fly Rod
Sage R8 Spey Fly Rod
Sage R8 Spey Fly Rod
Sage R8 Spey Fly Rod
Sage R8 Spey Fly Rod
Sage R8 Spey Fly Rod
Sage R8 Spey Fly Rod
Sage R8 Spey Fly Rod

Sage R8 Spey Fly Rod

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By utilizing our proprietary Revolution 8 graphite, SPEY R8 rods heighten the smooth transfer of energy throughout the three key components of the Spey cast, allowing anglers to effectively Lift line off the water, Load the rod sufficiently, and Deliver the fly to the target. Casts become instinctive and consistent. Simultaneously, we Fine-Tuned rod models and actions to match the vast array of Spey situations found around the globe. The result is a Spey Casting Synergy that’s enjoyable and approaching effortless. Be it steelhead, Atlantic salmon, king salmon, or sea-run brown trout; Skagit, Scandi or Traditional lines; SPEY R8 rods capitalize on each cast, increasing the likelihood of the almighty moment that we all are devoted to.


At the heart of the SPEY R8 family are the collection of models designed with a Max Versatility action. These rods excel in the majority of Spey fishing situations and are the best suited to handle a mix of line types and casting styles. Available in rod weights appropriate for summer and winter steelhead, Atlantic and Pacific salmon, and other sea-run targets, the assorted Max Versatility models are proficient at casting the typical combinations of lines, leaders, tips, and flies that each season requires. With core lengths of 12’6” to 13’6”, lines can be controlled when on the water, and rivers big or small are all in play. Steelheaders looking for their go-to, multi-application Spey rod will find it here.


  • Revolution 8 Technology
  • Ale Blank Color
  • Grey Primary Thread Wraps w/ Gold & Black Trim Wraps
  • Fuji K-Series “Tangle Free” Stripping Guides
  • Hard Chrome Snake Guides & Tip Top
  • Aluminum Down-Locking Reel Seat (Up-Locking for Switch) w/ Walnut Insert
  • Laser Etched Sage Logo on Slide Band
  • Super-Plus Grade Cork Handle & Rear Grip w/ Composite Cork Trim Rings
  • Black Rod Bag w/ Gold Sage Logo & Ale Colored Model Tag
  • Low Light Bronze Aluminum Tube w/ Granite Tube Cap & Gold Matte Black Sage Medallion


The advanced, leading-edge material behind R8 enables us to shape a rod with a stiffer, stronger backbone but a more sensitive tip and more connected feel. The secret is twofold. First, a proprietary aerospace composite with a greater hoop strength enables us to dimensionally grow taper diameter more quickly from the tip—while a nano-sintered resin application increases axial resilience and allows us to pack more fiber into the blank, resulting in that true two-way connection from hand to fly and back for greater feel, flow and control.


Advanced nano-sintered resin application and a more resilient axial fiber allow us to re-profile the dimensional taper to get thicker quicker from tip to butt - resulting in better energy transfer and greater feel. Simply put - a better and more efficient "wiring" of energy.


We’re not a big faceless factory, but rather a workplace of craftspeople who design and build the world’s best fly rods and reels using our hands and hearts. We do it by sharing ideas and always asking the next question to find what can be done to make this better. Our rods are built one at time right here on Bainbridge Island, WA, following hundreds of meticulous steps and passing through 23 sets of hands. We’re out there fishing the same places in the same unforgiving conditions that you are. Craftsmanship is applied experience. Lifetimes of it.


Model Line Size Rod Length Handle Color Pieces Physical Weight SKU
SPEY R8 5126-4 5WT 12' 6" 12" Fore Grip/4.5" Rear Grip Ale 4 5 15/16oz 2058-5126-4
SPEY R8 6130-4 6WT 13' 13" Fore Grip/5" Rear Grip Ale 4 6 7/8oz 2058-6130-4
SPEY R8 7116-4 7WT 11' 6' 11" Fore Grip/ 4" Rear Grip Ale 4 5 5/8oz 2058-7116-4
SPEY R8 7126-4 7WT 12' 6" 12" Fore Grip/4.5" Rear Grip Ale 4 6 3/4oz 2058-7126-4
SPEY R8 7130-4 7WT 13' 13" Fore Grip/5" Rear Grip Ale 4 7 1/16oz 2058-7130-4
SPEY R8 7136-4 7WT 12' 6" 13" Fore Grip/5" Rear Grip Ale 4 7 1/4oz 2058-7136-4
SPEY R8 8116-4 8WT 11' 6' 11" Fore Grip/ 4" Rear Grip Ale 4 5 3/4oz 2058-8116-4
SPEY R8 8126-4 8WT 12' 6" 12" Fore Grip/4.5" Rear Grip Ale 4 7 1/16oz 2058-8126-4
SPEY R8 8130-4 8WT 13' 13" Fore Grip/5" Rear Grip Ale 4 7 1/4oz 2058-8130-4
SPEY R8 8136-4 8WT 13' 6" 13" Fore Grip/5" Rear Grip Ale 4 7 5/8oz 2058-8136-4
SPEY R8 9130-4 9WT 13' 14" Fore Grip/5" Rear Grip Ale 4 7-7/8oz 2058-9130-4
SPEY R8 9140-6 9WT 11' 6' 14" Fore Grip/5" Rear Grip Ale 6 8 11/32oz 2058-9140-6
SPEY R8 10150-4 10WT 15' 15" Fore Grip/5" Rear Grip Ale 4 10 1/16oz 2058-10150-4

Specific Model Specs:

Sage R8 7136 (13'6" #7)

When casting distance and line control are mandatory, a thirteen and a half foot rod becomes necessary. The 7136 has the ability to cast sink-tips and weighted flies, and due to its length, is a great rod for fishing multi-density heads. This rod also excels in controlling longer heads, and is applicable with Skagit, Scandi, and Long Belly lines.

ACTION: Max Versatility

APPLICATION: Long-Length All-Around Spey - Big Water - Long Belly Traditional Lines - Summer & Winter Steelhead

FISHERY: Olympic Peninsula, Sandy River, Skeena

13'6" #7 TARGET LINES: Skagit 500-550 / Scandi 450-500 / Rec Skagit 525 Skagit Max Launch / Rec Scandi 470 Scandi Launch