PikeApalooza Party, Thursday May 25th, 2023

PikeApalooza Party, Thursday May 25th, 2023

PikeApalooza is back! Join us Thursday May 25th at 7:30pm for the Pre Event Party.  PikeApalooza is our Catch & Release Pike Fishing Tournament where you can win big prizes for catching Pike, something that is super fun to do anyhow! We'll be showing some pike films, handing out free drinks, and the tape measures for the Tournament.  PikeApalooza Party

What it is & How it Works:

Friday, Saturday & Sunday we will have a fun pike tournament where participants can fish any AB lake they want, with prizes for the Biggest Ditch Pickle (by length). All fish must be released safely and pictures must be taken with the tape measures provided at Thursday nights PikeApalooza Party (at 7:30pm)



1st Prize: $250 Gift Card for Pike Gear at the Shop

2nd Prize: $100 in Pike Flies

3rd Prize: Pike Fly Line