Fly Fishing 201 Courses

Fly Fishing 201 Courses
We're proud to be an Orvis Endorsed Shop and are extremely excited to see how many people have been signing up for our FREE Fly Fishing 101 Classes this summer.  So many people have taken the classes that we've offered 4 times as many classes as originally scheduled, but where do we go from there?  Our Fly Fishing 201 Course, thats where! 

Never fly fished before? Know someone who wants to learn? Been a long time since you've touched your fly fishing gear, or just ready to step up your fly fishing knowledge? Then this is the perfect opportunity to learn from experienced instructors and guides who want nothing more then to expose more people to the wonderful sport of fly fishing. What better way to bring in the Spring season.

Our Fly Fishing 201 Course starts off in a classroom setting where members will learn about the basics of:
 (rods, reels, line, leaders, tippet, & accessories)
-Knot Tying (what knot to use when & how to tie it)
-Entomology (identifying & imitating the most common insects)
-Casting (proper form & the mechanics of the cast)

The course registration is only $100. Equipment is also available for those who may not have their own (we encourage people to take the course before trying to buy their own equipment. Learn what you’re really looking for and what to avoid, such as overpriced gear and gimmicks).

Our half day course will give anyone the basic skills and knowledge needed to enjoy and pursue the wonderful sport of fly fishing. After this course you won’t have to worry about being intimidated by the sport. The goal of this course is to make everyone competent and comfortable with their:
-knot tying
-fly selection and basic bug identification


We want to get as many people involved in this incredible sport as possible, so we're also going to be offering an incentive program for anyone who refers a friend. Every time you refer a friend, and they come to their FF201 course, you'll get a $10 store credit.  The more people you refer the more credit you can rack up!

The following dates are scheduled:
These classes have limited slots available, so be sure to book your slot before you miss out. 
Contact us at: or 403-278-6331