Luke Russell: Fly Shop Staff

Join us every Sunday for our 'Meet the Staff' Series

When did you start fly fishing? I was about 9 years-old.

What or who got you started? My uncle and grandfather got me into it. I was lucky enough to have a great mom to also take me fly fishing whenever and wherever I asked her.

Favourite place in Alberta to fish? The Bow River!!

What’s your favourite fish to target? Freshwater I would say trout Saltwater would be tarpon!

If you could fish anywhere on the planet for a week (and money was no object) where would you go fishing and why? I’d probably fish the Seychelles! There are so many species to target (GTs,info pacific permit, bonefish, trigger fish etc….

Top 3 fish on your bucket list?
Permit, GTs, Trigger fish!

What’s your Top 5 Go To Flies on the Bow? Skiddish smolt, Pheasant tail, Sam=n Juan worm, Caddis dry fly, Morrish hopper.

Go To 5 Weight Rod? Sage R8 Core.

Favourite Fly Line? Any kind of Scientific anglers fly line.

Would You Rather: Strip a Streamer or Swing a Streamer? Swinging a streamer is always a good time!

Would You Rather: Dead Drift a Dry Fly or Skate a Dry Fly? I’d rather dead drift a dry fly.

Most Embarrassing Fishing Story? Hahaha I’m sure there are a few! I’ve showed up to meet clients without having my oars. I’ve forgotten my boat rods before but last year it was stonefly season and I was waking up super early to get on the water and one afternoon, after a nap, I woke up in a panic thinking I was late to meet my clients. I was rushing to get my boat ready until my friend Scott came over to see what I was doing and informed me that it was the evening of the same day! So embarrassing haha.