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Orvis Helios 4 Rods

What makes this rod so great? Which one is right for you?

Orvis Helios 4 Rods

Your best is now 4x better with unprecedented accuracy and the backbone to deliver when you need it most. Designed and rigorously tested to perform in the most demanding conditions, the all-new Helios™ fly rod is the go-everywhere, fish-anything option for anglers demanding power and precision. From tight-quarter trout streams to double hauling on salt flats, the versatility is a gamechanger. With the world’s most accurate and powerful fly rod in your hands, anything is possible.


Orvis Helios Origin Story

“We had something really special with the Helios 3, and we wanted to challenge ourselves with something better."


When compared to Helios 3, the previous industry benchmark for accuracy:

  • 4X more accurate
  • 25% more durable in extreme breakage testing
  • 10% lighter swing weight



"To achieve this quantum leap in accuracy, our designers had to solve for one of the main enemies of precision: tip displacement."

It's Where Accuracy Comes Alive

The all-new 4th generation Helios™ is the culmination of a seven-year quest to achieve precision beyond all previous limits of your imagination. Proven four times more accurate than Helios 3, the previous standard-bearer.



"We analyzed decades of
rod-building data and taper
strategy to dramatically increase
strength over Helios 3 in our
ultimate breakage test."

With More Bend and Backbone

The all-new Helios is 25% stronger, far surpassing previous generations and the competition, pushing the boundaries of durability. That increased travel distance means more lifting power when a fish runs under the boat or thrashes at the net. Fight those last moments with confidence.



"For Orvis rod designers, “over-engineered” is no dig; it’s a recognition that Helios performs far beyond the normal limits of a fly rod."

Over-engineered is an understatement.

Our mission to raise the world standard for accuracy comes with a commitment that every performance characteristic and component of the all-new Helios exceeds expectations. Less swing weight without compromise. Swing weight isn’t something measured on a scale, but the perceived weight in your hand during the cast. Thus a 10% reduction in levered swing weight equals a crisp and balanced feel with a smooth transfer of energy that is virtually effortless for all-day casting without fatigue. Even after long hours on the water, you’ll feel sharp enough to target that difficult fish. The all-new Helios becomes an extension of your mind.

Our thoughts

We Tried 'Em, Here's What We Think

We at Out Fly Fishing have had the chance to put these rods to the test and this is what we think:

"The Helios 3 was a great stick, one of the most popular rods we've ever sold. So when we heard it was being replaced, there were pretty high expectations for what it would take to better that rod. I have to say we were very pleasantly surprised and even blown away. The lightness of the H3 was great, but durability is also super important. The new Helios rods are lighter, which almost seems crazy, and it's more accurate (4X more accurate to be exact), which is exceptional on its own... When you see the raw data of how the new Helios compares to other flagship rods on the market, it is staggering. The H3 tip tracked very true, so seeing how much tighter and true the new Helios rods tracked was impressive.

To me, what makes these rods such a complete package and improvement, was the fact that they're also more durable. To me, lighter in the hand is nice, a more accurate rod is great, but when customers break a rod and then miss out on fishing time, or even entire seasons waiting for a repair, that can be beyond frustrating. Having a rod that is less likely to break is huge and then when you factor in the interchangeable parts and how much Orvis has simplified the warranty process, it's a huge win for consumers. Light is great, but accuracy is far more important. As light and tight as the casting stroke is on these rods, I think the increased durability will be one of the greatest crowd pleasers."

- Josh Nugent (Guide, Shop Owner, Chief Bottle Washer & Fly Bin Sorter)

The Difference

Distance & Finesse — A Quiver of Options in Two Series

Choose D for increased line speed and lifting power and F for ultimate sensitivity and delicate presentations with tippet protection.

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