UPDATED - Winter 16/17 Fly Tying Night Schedule

UPDATED -  Winter 16/17 Fly Tying Night Schedule

Back by popular demand are our our weekly Fly Tying Nights. Most Thursdays from 7:00pm - 9:00pm we'll be open late and hosting Fly Tying Night again through the winter.  Each week we'll cover one relevant pattern or technique.  All experience levels are welcome.

There's no cost for the lessons, we simply split the cost of materials used between the people there.  Some nights it's $3.00, others it might be $5-$6 if its a steelhead pattern with rhea or something, but we're pretty diligent at keeping the cost to you as low as possible.


March 30: Wet Flies

April 6: Bow River Streamers

April 13: Open Vise Night


Past tying nights include:

Feb 2: Intruder Alert (Steelhead Intruders)

Feb 9: No Fly Tying - Come and see us at the Boat & Sportsmen Show! #CBSS2017

Feb 16: Christmas Island Fly Patterns

In preparation for Out Fly Fishing Outfitters Fly Shop's upcoming hosted trip to Christmas Island we'll be doing some saltwater patterns. Now whether you're headed to Christmas Island or any other salt destinations these bonefish and predatory patterns will work in so many different tropical destinations

Dec 1: Ty Guy's Red Lighting

Our in house fly tying guru Tyler Van der Muelen will be tying up a killer little nymph pattern for the Bow River during the colder months.

Dec 8: Poppers for Predatory Fish

Who doesn't love big predatory fish? So Why not make em eat a dry fly!  Meet BIG POPPA the mother of all top water poppers.  Steve Luethi will be leading us through his incredible popper pattern that's ideal for Pike, Musky, Cuda and anything toothy that swims!

Dec 15: Christmas Flies
Once again our in house fly tying mini Guru Ty Van der Muelen will be leading fly tying night and showing us some of his very clever and creative Christmas fly patterns such as his Christmas Tree pattern and a reindeer pattern.  Come spin up your own Christmas gifts for the fly fisher on your list.

Jan 26: Spinning Deer Hair