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Thursday Night Fly Tying is Back Again!

Calgary's Fly Shop Fly Tying Nights are Back!

After our regular summer hiatus Fly Tying Nights are returning once again.  Just like we've always done, since taking over the shop 5 years ago, they'll be Thursday Nights from 7-9pm. 

Fly Tying Nights are open to everyone and are suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced fly tyers.

There is No charge for the instruction and we'll provide the materials and just split the cost of materials between people (typically $2-$6 a night).

The Fly Tying Schedule for 2019 is as follows:

Nov 7th: Bull Trout Streamers

Nov 14th: Pike Flies using Wiggle Tails and Dragon Tails

Nov 21st:  Mangum Mini Dragon Tail Bull Trout Streamers

Nov 28th: Hackle Techniques for Dry Flies

Dec 5th: Tungsten Jighead Flies

Dec 12th: Steelhead Intruder Flies

Dec 19th: Christmas Fly Tying Night and Party

Dec 26th: Christmas Break No FLY TYING NIGHT