Big Thanks, Exciting Changes and Best Wishes | OFF Fly Shop

Big Thanks, Exciting Changes and Best Wishes


Writing this post is an interesting one for me.  The whole reason we have the shop is that Steve heard about the opportunity and brought the idea to me.  I thought he was nuts at the time, and likely still do, but we took the plunge.  The shop was a long term plan for me and a short term one for Steve.  We've surpassed both our expectations numerous times and reached one of our goals where the shop moves to single ownership and Steve moves on to his next adventure and endeavors.  From all of us, and especially me, I'd like to thank Steve for all his help, input and guidance.  It's exciting to think how far we've come and what's already been achieved, but in the same breath we'll miss having him around.  All the best Steve and thanks again for everything.

With the growth and achievements of the shop we're also extremely excited to announce that Courtney Neal has been hired as the new shop manager.  Courtney started fishing with us as a client, began helping out at tradeshows, then working part time in the shop and has now accepted the shop manager position.  Female fly shop managers aren't found everyday, so to find someone with Courtney's retail experience, customer service, fishing passion, skill set and experience, we feel extremely fortunate and look forward to all the future holds.