Blog #3: How to get into Fly Tying

Blog #3: How to get into Fly Tying

To be honest, before I got into fly fishing, whenever I would see my husband watch Youtube videos on fly tying, I had no desire to join him on the couch and watch. I thought it was boring, no offense. BUT! Now that I am into fly fishing and have tied a couple flies here and there, I understand why anglers enjoy doing it. It’s a way for men to get crafty. As sad as it is, you don’t hear of men crafting often, and I hope it isn’t because of the sexism. Men are allowed to craft, just as much as they’re allowed to cry and show emotion. You don’t have to hold your emotions in to look tough. Crying doesn’t make you any less of a man. On a side note, one thing I love that Orvis is trying to promote is 50/50 on the water. As less common as it is for men to craft, it is also less common for women to be anglers. Which surprises me to be honest. Let’s work together to make every sport common for any gender! #Equality

Okay so first things first you need to ask yourself “Why?” Why do YOU want to get into fly tying? Don’t just do it if you feel pressured to because most anglers do it. There are many reasons “Why?” to get into fly tying. For example: save money, find a new hobby, great way to spend spare time, get more creative and more! The second step is to get set up.

Equipment you will need:

  • Vise
  • Scissors
  • Whip Finisher
  • Bobbin
  • Bodkin Needle

If you don’t want to break your bank getting all set to start fly tying. I recommend getting a starter kit. Starter Kits have everything you need. As you develop your tying skills, you’re definitely going to want to buy a fancier vise though, everyone needs a fancy vise because basic ones can get frustrating to work with at times.

Third step is to start playing around; I suggest you watch Youtube videos. You can also go to Fly Tying Nights at local Fly Shops. Hopefully fly shops in your city host them. I have no idea about other Fly Shops besides the ones here in Calgary, Alberta. But take a quick look on the magical Google to see if there are any where you live. Where ever that may be 🌎 Here at OFF Fly Shop we host them Thursday Nights 7pm till 9pm and they are always a blast. I highly recommend you come out to at least one of them. It’s a great way to learn and get to know other anglers. The fun part about learning how to tie flies, is once you get the basics of it, you can go crazy and be as creative as your heart desires! There are over a million ways to tie a fly. Now that’s a hobby you should be in! #neverbeboredagain

Top 3 fly types to tie for beginners:

  • Nymphs
  • Midges
  • Buggers

Tip of the day: Patience! Patience! Patience! It is the most important thing about fly tying and fly fishing. That’s why I’m glad I got into fishing. I have never met an angler that was not patient and I am thankful to be learning that trait from those in this sport/industry.

Fact of the day: The method of tying flies and materials used to tie flies has remained almost the same for over 120 years. Which I find interesting. I was honestly expecting a higher rate of different methods from then and now.

Stay tuned for our next blog and remember: Never stop fishing!