June 23-29th Water Conditions & Fishing Report

June 23-29th Water Conditions & Fishing Report

AB Water Conditions and Fishing Report

Here's a Summary of the fisheries and the shape they're in this week:

Bow River: The water rose to its highest levels this week and was extremely dirty, but its starting to drop now and will be clearing if the rain levels stay minimal

Pike Lakes: With all the rain and cooler weather water temps are more what we'd expect for early June vs end of June so our pike lakes are still fishing very well and are probably the most reliable and consistent option during these rainy periods.

Southern AB Streams:  We had a rare occurrence again this year with fishable water for opening day in the mountains, however the rain in the week that followed blew out many of these rivers.  Water levels are dropping and clearing on most systems and returning to fishable levels where dry fly fishing is viable again.  The odd Drake has been showing up early and pmds are present in decent numbers.  Stoneflies should be popping in good numbers soon, but there are a few adults showing up here and there.  Nymphs and streamers have produced well on the higher and colored water days.

Central AB Streams:  The Red Deer River is still high and dirty and looks much like the Bow, but some of the smaller tribs are starting to clean up and have decent numbers of bugs coming off.  If you can find a river clean enough for the trout to see the hatching insects you could have some good dry fly fishing on your hands