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Our Anglers Image Tippet rings are one of the best, most useful, fly fishing products to come along in years both for beginning anglers and for seasoned veterans.

 If you haven’t tried them you are in for a real treat.

 Here are some reasons you might want to give them a try this spring:

Perfect for beginners

If you are just starting out (or know someone who is), you know that rigging leaders and tippets for various fishing techniques can be tedious and time-consuming. Like all things there is a “learning curve” involved and having to learn to tie new, unfamiliar knots increases the time spent rigging and the chance of leader failure.  When you use a tippet ring you only have to know how to tie one knot!  You can use the same knot to connect both the leader and the tippet to the ring and then use the same knot to connect the tippet to the fly. What could be easier?

A cool, time-saving trick is to pre-rig your leaders at home with tippet rings.

 Simply tie a ring on a ring to the end of your leader, coil it up, and then put it back into its original packaging.

 The leader will be ready-to-go the next time you hit the river.


Quick Tippet Changes

The biggest benefit of using a tippet ring is the ability to change your tippet quickly.  Simply cut off the old tippet and tie on a new one.  It is as easy as that.

 Less time rigging equals more time fishing, and more time fishing equals more fish caught.  It’s elementary that using a tippet ring will increase the number of fish you catch.

 The use of the tippet ring also allows you to easily use tippet diameters of varying sizes or materials.  For instance, if you tied a tippet ring onto the end of a 9’4x leader then you can easily tie on a 4x, 5x, or 6x tippet to the ring without any fear of knot failure as a result of connecting two varying materials to one another.  This is a big advantage for anglers who like to use fluorocarbon tippets with nylon leaders.

 Ideal for Nymphing

Tippet rings have a lot of advantages for nymph fishermen:  When nymphing your flies often come into contact with the stream bottom and this means lost flies and the need to re-rig often.  When you use a tippet ring and snag on the bottom, the most you stand to lose is your fly and tippet.  As mentioned previously, the ease of cutting off an old tippet and quickly tying on another is a huge benefit.

Tippet rings make tying on, and fishing dropper flies very easy.  All you need to do is tie on a short piece of tippet material to the ring then tie on your fly.  Add as many rings, and fish as many dropper flies as you like.

The tippet ring is also valuable for keeping split shot from sliding down the tippet to the fly.  Simply crimp your split shot on the leader just above the ring.

 An indicator can be put above a tippet ring also.  The ring will keep the indicator from sliding down the leader.

Using a tippet ring behind an indicator in this manner allows you to use a very long, level tippet to the fly.  This is very useful in conditions where you must fish a small fly and achieve a very long, drag-free drift.

 Not just for Nymphs – Great for dry flies too!

That’s right – the tippet rings are so small that they float – well, almost.

The rings are very lightweight and the buoyancy of your leader and tipped often is enough to keep the ring suspended on the surface.

To aid the leader/ring/tippet junction in staying on the surface it is helpful to grease your leader with a quality fly floatant like our Anglers Image Everclear floatant.

 Yes they are small, but they are very easy to tie on

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