Avalon Crab

Avalon Crab

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Rainy's Flies Saltwater pattern

One of the most famous, widely recognized and productive crab patterns developed by Avalon in Cuba and now used everywhere that permit swim.

Permit, Bonefish, and other flats species don't seem to be able resist the Avalon Fly! Designed originally by Mauro Ginevri for permit fishing in Cuba, this Rainy's fly is a must-have for flats-fishing adventures the world over! A heavy mono loop with beads provides noise like a crabs claws which adds to the fish-attracting appeal, while a DB eyes act as a keel, keeping the hook riding up as you strip. The DB eyes also add weight for sinking quickly! Rabbit and rubber legs add flowing action to attract curious and hungry predators. The Avalon Fly mimics a mantis shrimp or fleeing crab, making it the ideal saltwater fly when chasing flats species!

  • Ideal mantis shrimp or fleeing crab pattern for flats species
  • Mono loop with beads for rattle and sound
  • DB eyes keep the hook upright and adds weight for quick sinking
  • Rabbit and rubber legs add movement that fish can't resist

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