Early Riser Coffee - Strip Set Cold Brew

Early Riser Coffee - Strip Set Cold Brew

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It’s coffee, best enjoyed colder than the ice in your veins as you watch your fly disappear into the oversized jaws of an underwater predator before offering a braided core uppercut to the mandible. It’s also delicious when served at 33 degrees Fahrenheit.

This coffee is smooth and rich, with an extra helping of caffeine to keep you focused during the long hot daylight hours that mark the best part of fishing season. Specifically roasted to be brewed and consumed while cold, this smooth operator has familiar hints of cocoa and dark chocolate while still maintaining zero calories and being coffee. Imagine chocolate milk, except not milk, not chocolate, and it’ll light your brain on fire with Planet Earth’s finest performance enhancer.

• 12oz bag
• Ground
• Ethically sourced
• Small batch roasted

To brew, we recommend combining 1 & ⅔ cups of grounds with a quart of cold water, leaving it in your fridge overnight, straining, and adding cold water to dilute to taste. This is the roast that got our company started, and now it can start your morning, mid-morning, lunch, afternoon, evening, and possibly even night.