Dumbbell Eyes: Brass BarBallz | OFF Fly Shop
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"BarBallz" Machined from brass with PRE-PAINTED EYES. Utilize a bar-bell shape with circular ends that give your flies a more bulbous, bug-eyed appearance.  Larger sizes are extremely heavy and perfect for the biggest flies you need to get down deep and FAST!  These are ideally suited for big bull trout flies and similar large predatory flies you want to take down deep.

Qty: 10/package

Size Imperial (inch") Metric (mm)
Large 3/16" 4.8mm
XLarge 1/4" 6.3mm 
XXLarge 5/16" 8.0mm

Tagged: Brass, Dumbbell eyes

Vendor: Bill

Type: Fly Tying Materials


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