Early Riser Coffee - Morning Mend Medium Roast | OFF Fly Shop
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The Morning Mend. Make sure your fly is presented just right, or heal yourself from alarm inflicted wounds with this zesty medium roast. Like all good mends we made this coffee by carefully considering the end goal, taking a balanced and subtle approach to solving the problem, and then adding a little unnecessary flick on the end for style.

This bright-eyed blend carries notes of tangerine, honey and herbal essence (not the shampoo), with a full body and a bright finish. Imagine a really hot yoga instructor with fresh squeezed OJ and a flock of attack bees to fend off the fatigue. Or not. You could also imagine a normal-ass coffee that is just a lot better.

  • Whole bean
  • 12 oz bag sealed for freshness
  • Ethically sourced
  • Small batch roasted

Tagged: Coffee

Vendor: Early Riser Coffee Co.

Type: Coolers & Drinkware


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