Daiichi Premium Fishing Hooks

Daiichi Premium Fishing Hooks #1510 Glo-Bug Hooks

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Daiichi 1510 Glo-Bug Hooks are the choice of discriminating fly tyers around the world. Every hook is precision tooled to the design at the eye, bend, gap, barb and point. These hooks feature high carbon steel construction for superb strength and are hardened and tempered to an exacting formula. The chemically sharpened needle points assure the correct shape and an ultra-fine sharpness for instant hook sets, perfect right out of the package.

Daiichi 1510 Glo-Bug Hooks are designed for tying egg patterns such as glo-bugs, and are also perfect for tying ants and spiders.

  • Sproat bend
  • 3X short shank
  • Standard wire
  • Down eye
  • Straight point
  • Bronze color
  • Forged
  • Chemically sharpened tip
  • Low profile barb design
  • Qty. per pack: 25