Throat Pump

Throat Pump

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The theist pump is used to extract and examine the contents of the fish's throat before it reaches its stomach. This helps discover what trout are feeding on allowing you to accurately match the food source. This study of the trout's food source dramatically improves catch rates. The pump is made of a rubber bulb and a small diameter plastic tapered straw which is easy to operate.

TO USE: Cradle fish in hand in a horizontal position with gentle but steady pressure. Fill the pump with water, then empty bulb so only the straw contains water. With bulb collapsed slide the tube gently into the fish. Squirt a few drops of water into the fish's throat then release the pressure on the bulb. The contents of the fish's throat will be drawn into the straw. With smaller fish use less suction. Release fish, squeeze contents of the pump into palm or vial to examine.

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