TFO Tenkara Startup Pack

TFO Tenkara Startup Pack

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We have assembled a Tenkara starter pack that you can customize and be ready for any Tenkara fishing situation.

The Tenkara level line is a highly visible orange colour for varying water conditions. With very little memory and at .027 diameter it's very easy to cast and has the ideal stiffness to turn over flys for even the most delicate placement. Each Tenkara level line is 30 feet long and allows you to custom cut any length for Tenkara varying fly presentations even difficult water situations.

Furled Tapered Leaders are pre-looped with loop to loop connections, for easy line changeups. Handwoven nylon provides low memory and easy fly roll out for long delicate casts.

TFO foam spools keep leaders organized and ready for on the water leader changes. Set up dry-fly, dropper rigs at home and store them on the foam spools before you leave. Save time on the water with easy leader changes, pre-tied flies to the leader hook into the foam and keep secure until needed.


Floating Level Line

  • Highly visible orange colour
  • .027 diameter level line
  • 30 ft. line
  • Floating level line
  • Furled leader

  • Loop to loop connections
  • Tapered for delicate presentations
  • Low memory for fewer coils
  • TFO Foam Leader-Rig Spools

  • Firm EVA foam floats
  • Same size as most tippet spools
  • Easy to use and store with leaders on


    TFO SP

    Floating Level Line

  • 30 feet long, ready to custom cut
  • Tenkara Level Line to Rod Knot
  • Tenkara Tradition Line to Rod Knot
  • Furled Leader

  • Length 10'0"
  • Clear colour
  • 20lb. test
  • TFO Foam Leader-Rig Spools

  • Foam size 2 1/5" X 1/2"
  • Black colour
  • EVA Foam
  • 3 per package
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